A Postdoctoral Fellowship is available in the Division of Hematology working with Dr. Paris Margaritis.

About the CHOP Research Institute:
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute is an interdisciplinary institution dedicated to conducting basic, clinical and translational research on conditions and diseases that affect children, and is part of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania research community.

The ideal candidate will have a doctoral degree (PhD, MD) in Molecular Biology or Biochemistry and demonstrate proficiency with basic laboratory equipment (centrifuges, PCR machine, spectrophotometers, gel running equipment). Basic molecular biology required; tissue culture experience preferred; experience with rats required; recombinant protein production techniques (column chromatography) preferred; and expert level with Microsoft Office software package.

Job Summary:
This position is working with Dr. Paris Margaritis, a Principal Investigator at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute, and has a minimum duration of two years. The research will be devoted to studying the biological and therapeutic effects of blood coagulation factor expression in vitro or in vivo in appropriate models. Applicants should have a strong background in molecular biology and have experience working with transgenic/gene targeted mouse and rat models. Those with experience in coagulation protein biochemistry and tissue culture are strongly encouraged to apply.

To Apply:
Applicants should submit a CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and reference Dr. Margaritis to initiate the application process.

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