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CHOP_OPA According to a recent study, postdocs who have happy thoughts handle stress better. Do you agree?
CHOP_OPA Ever wonder who investigates allegations of research falsification, fabrication and plagiarism?
CHOP_OPA Thinking about a career in Industry? This webpage is the perfect resource to help you make an informed decision!
CHOP_OPA Post-Doctoral Fellowship Position at Thomas Jefferson Medical College in the Department of Neuroscience.
CHOP_OPA Ever wonder how interviewers think about interviews? Check out this article to help you land your dream job!
CHOP_OPA Check out Stefanie Marquez's PhD "Guide to Being a Postdoc" to help up you make the most of your postdoc experience!
CHOP_OPA Do you have an interest in academic entrepreneurship? Read about a PhD who launched a startup genomics company!
CHOP_OPA Check out Science Careers' How-To Series. They give great advice on many useful topics!
CHOP_OPA Did you miss Keith Micoli's, presentation "What Can you Be With a Ph.D.?"? Check it out, it's now available online!
CHOP_OPA Check out our June annoucements for new info and upcoming events!

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