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The Research Trainee Career Support Center provides you with articles and resources that will assist you as you contemplate your move into a non-trainee, professional career track.

CHOP research trainees may also enroll in the UPenn Biomedical Postdoctoral Program (BPP), a premiere professional/career support program for UPenn/CHOP fellows.

Visit the BPP Enrollment intranet page for details. *Requires Active Directory Log-In*

Articles of Interest

This educational opportunity has long been recognized as an opportunity for scientists, clinicians, and persons from other disciplines to learn the latest information about preventing cancer.

The CHOP Research Institute Summer Scholars Program (CRISSP) is a new, competitive summer internship program for undergraduates interested in the biomedical sciences. The pilot program will include 10 students in summer 2012.

Rick Borchelt, Special Assistant for Public Affairs and Office of the Director for the National Cancer Institute, served as one of our guest speakers during the November session of Conducting Research at CHOP.

Richard Woodward, Ph.D., President of The Business/Technology Interface, LLC, and CEO of Vascular Magnetics, Inc., served as one of our 2011 guest speakers for National Postdoc Appreciation Week. His presentation, "Life without Lab Coats: Entering the Business of Science," addressed how to break into industry and provided information related to career options on the business side of science-based industries.