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The Research Trainee Career Support Center provides you with articles and resources that will assist you as you contemplate your move into a non-trainee, professional career track.

CHOP research trainees may also enroll in the UPenn Biomedical Postdoctoral Program (BPP), a premiere professional/career support program for UPenn/CHOP fellows.

Visit the BPP Enrollment intranet page for details. *Requires Active Directory Log-In*

Articles of Interest

Derek Haseltine, M.Ed., director of Research Career Development & co-director of the Office of Postdoctoral Scholars at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, served as one of our 2011 guest speakers for National Postdoc Appreciation Week. His presentation, "Re-Energize Your Career," provided an overview of how to be best prepared for the next steps in your career.

This resource, created by the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA), provides information on pregnancy and maternity leave, with a postdoc's specific concerns in mind.

Have you ever thought about taking your scientific discoveries to the marketplace? This article from Science Careers, features advice for budding entrepreneurs from CHOP investigator Robert Levy, MD, and Richard Woodward, PhD, a biotech consultant and upcoming presenter for our Postdoc Seminar Series.

Our March installment of the Postdoc Seminar Series featured Ric Weibl, director of the Center for Careers in Science and Technology at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). His discussion focused on the wide array of careers available to research scientists, and examined strategies to broaden your future career options.