This booklet from Science and the L'Oreal Foundation features the stories of extraordinary women who seek answers to difficult issues such as global climate change, famine, drought, and epidemics.

Sometimes the most basic, blunt advice is the best advice. The following post was pulled from the AAAS Science Careers Forum, and presents tips on things to AVOID when submitting an application for a position in science.

The Office of Responsible Research Training's Conducting Research at CHOP seminar series is designed to educate the CHOP workforce on key topics related to the implementation and management of sponsored research. This session, "Foundation Funding for Research" took a critical look at the important role of foundations in supporting CHOP research.

This booklet from AAAS/Science includes steps to help you better prepare for your career in science. This is a must-read for all scientists-in-training.

In this article from Science Careers, Carol Milano provides guidelines and answers to questions to aid budding researchers gain an advantage in the increasingly competitive professions of postodctoral and academic research.

It also offers novel ways for reaserchers to think about their specific scientific interests so they do not limit themselves in a scientific community where a multitude of career choices are available.