This article will help you to make the best of the dreaded phone interview and better your chances of standing out among the pool of applicants.

This free online manual presented by Penn State's e-Education Institute touches on every facet of science writing, from style, punctuation and commonly made mistakes.

This brief article from The Chronicle of Higher Education examines multiple skillsets that may prime you for a leap into non-academic/non-industrial career paths.

Increasingly, academic departments are asking job candidates to include a teaching philosophy as part of their application. How important are these statements in the hiring process? When are they a deciding factor and when should you focus on other parts of the application instead?

Ever wonder what happens to your NIH grant when it gets to study section? Why do some grants succeed while others fail? Check out this video from The Center for Scientific Review to get an insider's view of what happens in an NIH study section.

UPDATED: 6/16/10 - New video now available - "NIH Tips for Applicants"